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Current practice in Europe

The POLIS project invites local authorities in different states of urban development to collaborate with each other in order to share their experiences and knowledge of solar town planning. They will also discuss strategies to encourage the progression of solar energy installations through this integrated network of cities.

The current solar planning practices of several European cities are presented here.

Best practice guide for solar urban planning in Europe:

Through the POLIS project, this consortium of cities and solar technology experts aims to present and evaluate current developments in solar urban planning and bring together key stakeholders in this process in order to improve planning and produce legislation aimed at solar development. The first step to achieve this goal was the compilation of several best practices and success cases of projects and ideas implemented in the participating countries in a Manual of Best Practices on Solar Urban Planning. The cases are presented in the most diverse areas, from targets definition, to legal framework and policies, mobilization of solar potential and active implementation of urban planning measures involving the relevant stakeholders through the all process.

Download the manual here:
English version
German version
Spanish version
Portuguese version
French version
Swedish version

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