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State of the art

According to the requirements of the Accession Treaty to EU Bulgaria has got the goal to produce 11% of its final energy consumption by renewable energy in 2010 and 16% of in 2020. The natural resources i.e. the potential for the development of energy from solar, wind, biomass, biogas and geothermal is large. Still (as many other EU member states) Bulgaria has not shown to be able to meet the 2010 target for renewable energy producing less than 8% of its electricity by RES, mainly from hydropower. Because of the steep decline of industrial production after the changes of 1989, Bulgaria is able to declare a very large reduction in the carbon emissions nowadays vis-à-vis the baseline. Moreover, as a country in difficult economic situation the targets of Bulgaria are related to the emissions of 1988 and not 1990 as the rest of the countries.

Download here The national state of the art for solar urban planning in Bulgaria.

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