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Best practice

Identification of potential

City of Beckerich : Solar potential

Within the scope of an energy-plus concept for the municipality, the surface area of all roofs was ascertained using orthophotos taken of the municipality. The roof surface areas were classified according to various criteria and the potential solar roof surface area was calculated. Following surveys of the suburban area, corrective factors were defined to take influencing factors such as shade, roof penetration, etc. into consideration. At the same time, the database of the existing installations was updated. The potential was calculated from all the parameters for the following two scenarios :
- Solar thermal usage to heat hot water, the remaining surface area for photovoltaic usage
- Solar thermal usage for hot water and heating ; the remaining surface area for photovoltaic usage The results were visualised using a GIS system and integrated into the municipal database. The database is to be used to make information and awareness-raising activities more targeted.

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