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Best practice

Identification of potential

Lanzarote solar potential study

Lanzarote island has developed an internet tool where the users can check their roof’s solar potential for PV in a map, so that the citizens are encouraged to install PV systems in their roofs. Sloping roofs are considered as not suitable for PV systems by the developers of this tool. Each range of possible power produced in a year is identified by a color. This analysis was made in lot by lot, according to owner structure. The methodology is not described. Municipality of Lanzarote is improving this tool incorporating explanations about the procedure to be done for installing this kind of systems. A contact list with all the companies related to this solar energy system will be provided.

For more information, Lanzarote solar potential study

Madrid solar energy institute tool for shadow study

Tool developed by Madrid Solar Energy Institute which measures the solar energy lost. In order to calculate this energy lost, the tool needs to know the obstacles which are in the surroundings and the incident radiation on the surface which is being studied. The incident radiation depends on the geographical position and on the orientation and slope of the solar energy installation. Radiation data of world locations are included ; data can be also introduced in simple formats. The obstacles can be provided by coordinates (polar or rectangular) or by photos taken with a conventional digital camera, which are taken with the aid of specific metal plates. The results can be provided per year, per month or in sun access hours per day. All the radiation data can be compiled in text files and the obstacle skyline can be saved for later use.

For more information, you can download the document : Madrid solar energy institute tool for shadow study

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Mobilization of potential

“RIVAS SOLAR” Campaign

“Rivas Solar” is a campaign, created by Rivas Vaciamadrid Local Energy Agency, which objective is to incorporate either solar thermal collectors or PV panels in as many buildings as possible. In order to achieve this, a simple process has been created : 1.-Contact energy agency 2.-A technician will visit for free your building to check the installations and to determine the energy needs. 3.-In 3 weeks a report will be send to you. This report includes the description of the installation, price, financing proposal, CO2 emissions avoided and profits received by the solar system. Rivas energy agency has even reached an agreement with a bank which finances 100% of the solar system installation.

For more information, you can download the document : “RIVAS SOLAR” CAMPAIGN

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City of Murcia : Thermal solar guide
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Promoting the Use of Photovoltaics through Demo Relay Nodes Project PURE
Mugarri Plan 2010-2020 Promotion and Development of Renewable Energy in Alava
Basque Country Basque Country Solar Energy Dissemination Manuals

Town planning

City of Zaragoza : Valdespartera Ecobarrio

Valdespartera Ecocity is created to respond to social sectors housing demand. To foster new social and public housing, whose construction, in recent years, had greatly decreased The design of Valdespartera was based on the conviction that the project had to establish its origin in the best relationship between housing and environment. It tried also to get environmental conditions based on the principles of energy efficiency.

For more informations, download the document : Valdespartera Ecobarrio

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City of Sevilla : "SANTA BÁRBARA” Urban development
City of Logrono : Eco City of Montecorvo
City of Toledo : Eco City of Toledo
City of Sarriguren : Sarriguren Ecobarrio
City of Madrid : Vallecas Bioclimatic Boulevard
Basque Country : Solar PV on Basque Country High Schools

Policy and legislation

City of BARCELONA : Solar thermal ordinance

Local Solar thermal Ordinance which aims to regulate the obligation to install solar thermal systems in buildings in Barcelona. It was approved in July 1999 as the first solar thermal ordinance in Spain. In February 2006 it was modified in order to incorporate all the standards established in the new National Building Code which was implemented in Spain. Other objectives in this modification were to simplify the legal process, incorporate mandatory maintenance conditions for the solar systems and to boost the integration of the solar systems in the architectural design protecting the urban landscape. According to this ordinance, to install Solar Thermal systems is mandatory for the following situations :

- If there is any Domestic Hot Water Consumption in all new buildings.
- In general renovations of existing Buildings
- If the function of the existing building changes

It is necessary to sign a two-year maintenance contract with a specialized company.

For more information, download the document Solar thermal ordinance

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City of ALCORCÓN Bioclimatic Ordinance
CANARY ISLANDS Law 1/2001 21st May Solar Energy in the Buildings
City of Zaragoza : Eco-Efficiency Ordinance
Gran Canaria : Las Palmas PV Ordinance
City of Madrid : Solar Thermal Ordinance
City of Pamplona : Pamplona Solar Thermal Ordinance
Recas : Recas Solar Thermal Ordinance
Rivas Vaciamadrid : Real Property Tax Ordinance
Rivas Vaciamadrid : PV and Solar Thermal Ordinance
San Juan Despi : Solar Ordinance
Sevilla : Energy Ordinance
Tres Cantos : Bioclimatic Ordinance
Valle de Mena : PV And Solar Thermal Ordinance
Vitoria-Gasteiz : Local Energy Management Ordinance (Draft) and other Local Solar Energy Criterias in Vitoria-Gasteiz
San Sebastian : San Sebastian Ordinance on Energy Efficiency and Environmental Quality of Buildings

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