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Les Assises de l’Energie - Grenoble and Dunkerque

Les Assises de l’Energie - Grenoble and Dunkerque

January 2012

Paris and Grand Lyon presented conclusions of their work on the solar potential study and cadastre and Download posters presented here

January 2011

Paris and the Grand Lyon, were presenting the pilot actions held in their cities at the National Local Authorities Energy exhibition "Les Assises de l’Energie". The workshop named “Solar and Urbanism : the POLIS European Project” gathered around 15 persons from different cities, journalists and professionals working in the solar energy field.

Many subjects have been discussed like :
- Case of social dwellers from Nantes who pre-settled cables, wired, technical equipment of solar in ase of best opportunities from the market later.
- Problem of reliability of solar thermal. After 10 years generally social dwellers observe an important break that obliges to change all the system.
- To improve architect knowledge about RES and specially solar system and how to integrate it in a project.
- How to make admit solar system in patrimony conservative area ?
- Passive solar and town planner : quite unexisting in France, not a reflex…

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