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Hannover workshop

The second POLIS workshop for local authorities took place November 2010 in Hannover together with the annual Climate Alliance Conference. More than 50 participants from different cities attended the workshop, which also compromised a panel discussion with experts from different fields of activities like urban planning, planning legislation, environmental strategy and real estates.

The targets of the workshop was to present pilot projects from variuos cities connected to solar urban planning and a discussion with several experts : Ramon Arndt, Planungsreferat München ; Elisabeth Kirscht, Klimaschutzleitstelle Hannover ; Veronika Mook,Planungsgemeinschaft Stadt und Umwelt ; Prof. Wickel, Hafencity Universität Hamburg ; Eva Ehrenberg-John, FB Planen und Stadtentwicklung Hannover ; Andreas Schneucker, Grundstücks-/ Gebäudemanagement Lörrach and Ralf Bermich, Amt für Umweltschutz Heidelberg. As result of the workshop most participants judge concrete planning projects with high standards as feasible in their cities but legal binding requirements are seen as quite challenging to implement. Here more detailed information is needed. Moreover three outstanding pilot projects in Germany were presented like zero-e park (zero emission residential area) in Hannover, low energy standard guideline (guideline for municipal land purchase) of Lörrach and new site development "Bahnstadt" Heidelberg.

You can download the minutes of the workshop here.

You can download the presentations in german :

- Präferenz für Energieeffizienz
- Heidelberg-Bahnstadt , Passivhausstadtteil mit Fernwärmeversorgung
- Richtlinie Energiestandards Lörrach

Please contact Sigrid Lindner (s.lindner@ecofys.com) or André Muno (a.muno@climatealliance.org) for further information.

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