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National workshop - March 2010 - Malmö

POLIS Workshop in Malmö

The Swedish POLIS partner invited interested parties to a “Solar Energy in Planning Work” workshop in Malmö town hall on March 3, 2010. Around 25 people took up the invitation, including staff from the city planning office, real estate office, environment department, department of internal services, roads and parks department as well as representatives from other cities.

The workshop began with presentations providing inspiration and background information on both solar energy in cities and the POLIS project. Lisa Ossman who represents a cooperation of 24 cities determined to increase the use of solar energy talked about Sweden’s first “plus-energy multi-family house with solar heat”, in which the surplus heat will be fed into the district heating network. The city-owned housing company, “Eksta”, introduced its new passive houses and provided information about a newly-constructed multi-family dwelling for which 36% of the total heat requirements are supplied by solar heat.

From the neighbouring city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Annette Egetoft talked about their goal of installing 1,000 m2 of PV each year until 2015 and also about constructing highly energy-efficient buildings in the city. Torsten Persson from the city of Malmö presented various solar energy installations and plans for Malmö to further boost solar energy.

The Swedish workshop concluded with group discussions on the promotion of solar energy. One outcome was the proposal of campaigns for better visibility of solar energy products and underlining of the importance and responsibility of the cities to act as a role model for citizens. Furthermore, town planning should be adopted to improve the use of solar energy and all the relevant departments should work together for a policy and guidelines regarding solar energy.

Download here the minutes of the workshop

Please contact Anna Cornander (anna.cornander@kfsk.se) or Elisabeth Kjellsson (elisabeth.kjellsson@byggtek.lth.se) for further information.

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