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POLIS project presented at "New Urban Configurations" conference

POLIS project, represented by Astrid Muller from Ecofys, was presented at the conference New Urban Configurations the 17th of October 2012.

Economic trends have always affected the process of urban form transformation, but since the second half of the 1980s, this process of transformation accelerated. As a consequence of this new ‘nomadic culture’ the city structure changed. The priority given to the perspective of time tends to reduce the traditional importance of space. But despite the initial ‘end of the millennium’ catastrophic perspective, which forecasted the falling of the city itself, huge metropolitan areas have been progressively increasing their institutional role, economic power and cultural attractiveness.

However, the success of the wealthier cities and metropolitan areas in the world exists thanks to less prosperous centers of production elsewhere. The enormous growth in transport infrastructure has increased mobility, but not for all. Both, availability of physical infrastructure and social inequality in mobility, result in specific patterns of concentration and dispersal of economic activities and social groups.

Further, increased mobility might be impacted by the Hydrocarbon Twins, climate change and peak oil. Many industrialized countries have to reduce quickly CO2 emissions by 80-90% while, due to scarcity of resources, the energy prices will keep rising. Solutions for complementary and multiple connections, including walking, cycling, water links, railways, highways and airlines, offer the opportunity of new mobility patterns prompting unexpected spatial configurations including new concepts combining living and working, food production within cities, etc.

The conference addresses the abovementioned framework to specifically understand which kind of new urban configurations can arise from it.

POLIS Guidelines are now available online !

POLIS Guidelines, based on the experiences of the pilot actions in Lisbon, Lyon, Malmö, Munich, Paris and Vitoria-Gasteiz

Based on experience gathered during the pilot actions in the cities of Lisbon, Lyon, Malmö, Munich, Paris and Vitoria-Gasteiz, guidelines were developed to support the adaptation of urban planning procedures with the aim of boosting solar energy in other cities and towns. The POLIS partners have identified a total of ten guidelines necessary to implement a coherent planning policy in favour of solar energy. They address how to identify and mobilise the solar potential, optimise solar urban planning processes, and adapt local policies and legislation. Each of the ten guidelines (covering the entire process from data collection to policy development and legislation) will help replicate these successful experiences in other cities, benefitting from the lessons learned in practice.

You can also download the document in other languages

Community Power – Citizens’ Power

Participate to the 11th World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition WWEC2012. 3-5 July 2012, Bonn / Germany

The World Wind Energy Association WWEA and the German Wind Energy Association BWE invite you to contribute actively to the WWEC2012. The top international wind event will profile the special topic of Community Power – Citizens’ Power, referring to the development and ownership of renewable energy projects by local citizens and communities including farmers and landowners, cooperatives, municipalities, local and regional developers and utilities, as well as other partners. Amongst the participants, there will be representatives from local, regional and national governments, international organizations, community wind farm developers, local and regional utilities, engineers, wind turbine manufacturers and more.

Further information : www.wwec2012.net

Intersolar Europe - One of the leading exhibition series for the Solar Industry

Participate to this International event
11-15 June 2012, Munich / Germany

With over 3,500 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors spanning three continents, Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry. Each event focuses on photovoltaics and solar thermal technologies and the market within each respective region. Intersolar has established itself among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and service providers alike. Intersolar’s storied history of international exhibitions and conferences spans 20 years.

Further information : http://www.intersolar.de/en/interso...

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012

Participate to the sustainable Energy Week ! 18 – 22 June 2012

EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is a core activity of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. Every year hundreds of organisations and individuals participate in the EUSEW by hosting Energy Day events and activities that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Through bottom-up efforts, organisers of EUSEW Energy Days, events and activities connect directly with citizens and energy stakeholders at the local, regional and national levels. The combined results of EUSEW efforts are helping Europe reach its energy goals. Further information : www.eusew.eu

Steps towards a 2000 Watt society

International Annual Conference and General Assembly of Climate Alliance : Beyond growth – Steps towards a 2000 Watt society. 23-26 May 2012, St. Gallen / Switzerland

On invitation of the Executive Committee member of Climate Alliance, Fredy Brunner, and the City of St. Gallen, next year’s International Annual Conference and General Assembly will be held in St. Gallen from 23 - 26 May 2012. Please save the date ! We are looking forward to welcoming you next year in St. Gallen !

For further information : http://www.klimabuendnis.org/events...[tt_news]=1040&tx_ttnews[backPid]=314&cHash=5cc101e759a042924eb93a9a2c555f1d

16th International Passive House Conference

Participate to this conference
4-5 May 2012, Hanover / Germany Energy efficient construction and renovation is possible anywhere and for every type of building. Energy efficient, Passive House buildings ranging from residential buildings to indoor tennis courts, hotels and hospitals can be constructed not only in Germany but also in Sweden, Indonesia, Croatia or Korea. The whole range of solutions made possible by the Passive House Standard is presented in the newly released Conference Programme of the 16th Passive House Conference, taking place on 4 and 5 May 2012 in Hanover, with a framework programme running from 2 to 6 May. Further information : www.passivhaustagung.de/sech...

Clean Energy & Passive House 2012

Participate to this International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Passive House
29-31 March 2012, Stuttgart / Germany

With 1317 participants, the congresses of the CEP have become an important meeting place to gather information about current market developments and trends.
Use this platform to forge new contacts and to inform yourself about the latest know-how. Speakers from politics, research and development and professional users report on their current experiences and provide you with solutions for the future of renewable energy and energy-efficient construction and renovation.
Further information : www.cep-expo.de/index.php ?id...

EnergyMed 2012

Participate to the EnergyMed 2012 : Conference Exhibition on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean , Naples / Italy
22-24 March 2012

Following the success of the past editions, EnergyMed, the Conference Exhibition on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency, has reached its 5th edition, thus confirming its leading position among energy-related events in the Mediterranean.
EnergyMed confirms its role as a focal point where businesses, local bodies, research agencies, associations and technical professionals in the sector can exchange knowledge and know-how on the topics of renewable sources, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, building and recycling.
For further information : www.energymed.it/eng/

Solar urban planning European Workshop

Participate to the Solar Urban Planning workshop in Lyon, France
1rst of February 2012

The cities of Munich, Malmö, Paris, Lyon, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Lisbon invites you to participate to a workshop dedicated to solar energy and urban planning issues, 1rst of February 2012 at Lyon, France.

Current projects undertaken in each of the 6 cities will be presented and discussed :

- Identification and assessment of solar potential in Paris, Lisbon, Lyon and Vitoria-Gasteiz

- Optimisation of town planning in new areas, towards a better solar energy design : Lyon, Malmö and Munich

- Legislative measures to facilitate better penetration of solar energy : Malmö and Paris

To register for this event, please send an email to : angela.saade@hespul.org

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