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Vitoria-Gasteiz – European Green Capital 2012

Vitoria-Gasteiz, founded in 1181, is second in size only to Bilbao in the Basque Country, and has some 240,000 people currently inhabiting this gem in northern Spain. Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital of the Álava province and of the Basque Country. For more information, read the article

World Sustainable Energy Days 2011

2-4 March 2011, Wels, Austria

The World Sustainable Energy Days, the largest annual conference in this field in Europe, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy production and use, covering energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for buildings, industry and transport.

Conferences – which presented the latest technology trends, outstanding examples and European strategies – and the "Energiesparmesse", an important energy exhibition, offer ideal opportunities to establish new partnerships. The conference makes an important contribution to awareness raising for green energy and energy efficiency.

For further information : www.wsed.at/en/world-sustain...

10th Municipal Climate Protection Conference of Climate Alliance

11-13 November 2010, Hanover, Germany

The focus of this year’s national Climate Alliance conference is climate-friendly urban development. How will we live in the future ? Which energy concepts are we pursuing ? Concrete elements include energetic retrofitting of existing buildings, the sustainable usage of timber and target group-oriented energy consulting. Moreover, there is a focus on the Amazonian rainforests, as well as on the Covenant of Mayors. The event shall conclude with two tours to properties of energetic interest in Hanover.

For further information : www.klimabuendnis.org/climat...

3rd EPIA International Thin Film Conference

9 November 2010, Munich, Germany

The conference will be a unique occasion to understand the current situation and the future trends of PV Thin Film industry and market. The event will also provide an excellent platform for networking with the most knowledgeable Thin Film experts. The conference will be split as follows :
- Session 1 - Regulatory frameworks for market development of Thin Film technology : Is Thin Film treated differently ?
- Session 2 - Bankability of PV Thin Film projects and access to market
- Session 3 - From system price to generation cost : C-Si and Thin Film
- Final Panel Discussion – Technology, bankability and regulation : Where are the bottlenecks for Thin Film take-off ?

For further information : www.epia.org/events/upcoming...

2nd European Conference SmartGrids & E-Mobility

20-21 October 2010, Brussels, Belgium

The focus of the Conference will be on
- Development of Technologies
- Know-how Transfer
- Identification of R&D Needs
- Exchange of Results and Ideas
- Presentation of Field Experience in the area of smart grids and e-mobility. For further information : www.otti.de/veranstaltung/id...

Building Sustainability

19-20 October 2010, Stockholm, Sweden

This international conference will explore the strengths in Stockholm’s recent urban development and redevelopment projects and how they have contributed to this extraordinary designation.

The overall aim of the conference is to discuss how some of the sustainability issues of urban development can be tackled and how the Stockholm experiences can contribute to this end. The focus will be on the holistic and cooperative approach to planning and realisation of medium to large scale city development projects that has been key to the success of projects such as the renowned Hammarby Sjöstad.

Starting with the experiences from this development and leading towards planned expansion, re-development and renewal projects, emphasise will be on issues such as :
- Urban planning
- Energy efficient and sustainable building
- Retrofitting of aging buildings and neighbourhoods
- Energy supply systems
- Water supply, sewage and waste disposal

For further information : www.trippus.se/eventus/event...

Local Renewables Freiburg 2010

Managing the Urban Rural Interface

Strategies and Tools for Urban Development and Sustainable Peri-urban Land Use Relationships

19-22 October 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark

The conference aims to i) present the status of scientific approaches to assess the peri-urban land-use relationships and associated effects on sustainability, ii) to set the agenda for future research in the field, and iii) enhance international research cooperation.

The event targets a broad spectrum of participants, recognising the multidisciplinarity of research in urban and rural linkages. This includes, but is not limited to, those in the fields of land use, urban and rural development, planning, architecture, geography, economics and social and environmental sciences. Contributions may address methodological, theoretical issues, applications or dissemination, and participatory aspects.

For further information : www.plurel.net/conference

Dena Energy Efficiency Congress

Energy – Systems – Future : Strategies for Markets and Politics

12-13 October 2010, Berlin, Germany

The focus of this two-day event is on strategies and tools for energy systems and markets of the future. Innovative approaches to enhancing energy efficiency in the building, mobility and power sectors shall be presented, and decision-makers from the political, business and scientific spheres will discuss the future role of renewable energies and the significance of international energy efficiency partnerships.

For further information : www.dena-kongress.de

Sustainability as an Art of Living – A Model for Cities and Municipalities

7-8 October 2010, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

How can a link be forged between the sustainability discussion in science and politics and everyday life ? In Freiburg, the topics of time, eating habits, space, generations and listening opens up unfamiliar perspectives to cultural commonplaces. These topics will be addressed in events using a variety of different approaches : presentations and exhibitions, poems and music, film and church service, hikes and walks, cookery courses, tree planting campaigns and tours enable intriguing access to questions about our lifestyle.

The purpose of this event is to pass on all these experiences to other cities and municipalities interested in transferring and redesigning the concept of “Sustainability as an Art of Living” in their typical situation.

For further information : www.nachhaltigkeit-als-leben...

Climate Protection in the Municipality

5 October 2010, Wetzlar, Germany

The conference will deliver insights into municipal climate protection. Amongst others, the potential of small and medium-sized towns in the field of climate protection will be discussed and various role model municipalities will present their activities.

For further information : www.na-hessen.de/veranstaltu...

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