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1st Conference of Energy-Autonomous Local Authorities

Experts are leading the way to an independent energy supply 7-8 April 2011, Freiburg, Germany

Experts from all over Germany will discuss the perspectives and opportunities for cities and municipalities wishing to reassume control of their energy supply. The use of renewable energy sources and increases in energy efficiency in addition to the restructuring of energy distribution by returning control of power and heat grids to municipalities will be considered. Financing with regard to current incentive programmes and grant schemes will constitute an additional focus. The conference will also provide information on the current political framework within Germany for municipal energy concepts and the associated public relations work. Progress reports from various municipalities and cities will show how the route to energy autonomy is in fact an accessible one. Excursions on the second conference day – to an energy-independent municipality, which has already been completed – will give conference participants an impression of how energy autonomy can work in practice. For further information (in German only) : www.energieautonome-kommunen.de

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