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POLIS workshops in Europe

France and Germany
germanyBy Angela Saadé / HESPUL and Sigrid Lidner / ECOFYS

Several workshops for local authorities are being held in Europe, in order to present the actual development of the pilot actions of each city partner. Experts from different fields of activities like urban planning, planning legislation, environmental strategy and real estates, participated to the meetings.

In France, within the framework of the “Assises de l'Energie”, a workshop has been organized in Grenoble where the city of Paris and Lyon presented their work. Other cities like Nantes, Rennes and Grenoble participated to the meeting. One of the major issues discussed was the problem of the development of solar thermal in France and the big success of PV instead. However, PV is also concerned by legal barriers due to the cessation of the feed-in tariff.

In Germany, a workshop took place last November in Hannover together with the annual Climate Alliance Conference. More than 50 participants from different cities attended. As result of the workshop most participants judge concrete planning projects with high standards as feasible in their cities but legal binding requirements are seen as quite challenging to implement.

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Development of POLIS Pilot actions

Implementation all over Europe
By Elisabeth Kjellsson / ULUND

The planned pilot actions in the POLIS cities are now starting to be implemented.
A variety of activities will happen in the different cities. In Lisbon the first pilot action regarding the solar potential has started with collecting statistics and after this assessment, a further action is aiming to define the goals for solar technologies. Another pilot action is the “Solar Guideline for Urban Planning”, which will be developed together with the planning department in Munich. In Paris specific monitoring tools for existing solar facilities will be developed and Lyon has a focus on differend energy aspects, which will be implemented from the very beginning of the planning process. Vitoria-Gasteiz as well as Malmö have started with detailed solar potential studies. More actions are planned to start during the year.

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European Green Capitals

Vitoria-Gasteiz, one of the city winners
greenBy Xabier Marrero / City of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Vitoria-Gasteiz and the French city of Nantes have been named as winners of the European Green Capital award for 2012 and 2013.The awards were presented by EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik at a ceremony last October in Stockholm, European Green Capital for 2010.

The title of European Green Capital is awarded to a European city which can show a well-established record in setting and achieving high environmental standards and which is committed to progressive and ambitious goals for further environmental i mprovement and sustainable development.

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Manual of best practice
manualThe Manual of best practice in Solar Urban planning is now available in 5 languages on the website.
Download the document

New publications
Two new publications are also available where you can read about the action plans and pilot actions developed in each of POLIS cities:
- Action plans of POLIS cities
− Fact sheets of Pilot Actions
All publications

Press release: Munich/Ecofys
The City of Munich released her Solar Action Plan.
Press release in German, november 2011



24-25 February, Rome, Italy
italyConferenza dell’ Industria Solare - Italia 2011

It will offer a balanced mix including strategic vision and practical experiences.
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2-4 March, Wels, Austria
World Sustainable Energy Days 2011, the largest annual conference in this field in Europe, offer a unique combination of events on sustainable energy production and use, covering energy efficiency and renewable energy sources for buildings, industry and transport.
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15 March, Bristol, UK
cleantechCleantech Cluster Event

Cleantech Cluster Events address the combined challenges of promoting innovation in clean technologies and cultivating new businesses at a grass roots level.
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16 March, Brussels, Belgium
Green Buildings, Green Cities, Green Europe: The Future of Sustainable Urban Development

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7-8 April, Freiburg, Germany
1st Conference of Energy-Autonomous Local Authorities
Experts are leading the way to an independent energy supply.
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focus on one city

By Yann Françoise / City of Paris

parisBy the mean of its Climate Protection Plan, the city of Paris wants to improve by 2020 the part of RES and in particular solar energy. This is why the Mayor wants to implement 200,000 sqm of solar installations by 2014.

Through the Polis program the city of Paris will implement on its territory 3 Pilot actions:
- Precise identification of solar potential and creation of modelling tool
- Creation of a Monitoring tool
- Setting of requirements in local plans.

The main concern at present is the monitoring tool. The creation of this tool presents a big challenge: Information regarding the solar energy is disseminated in several organisms in Paris.
Therefore it is very difficult to obtain precise information about the number of solar facilities and their location.
This is the reason why the City of Paris is trying to create a monitoring tool that will gather all the information existing about solar energy. This information will be updated every year allowing a better follow up of Paris municipality objectives related to solar active technologies.

As a first step emails have been sent to the different actors asking for their available data.
Following these investigations, meetings with the different actors will be held to review all the different information likely to be integrated in the monitoring tool.

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