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Policy and legislation

Grenelle II legislation in France
and impacts on energy

By Yann Françoise / City of Paris

In France, the Grenelle II law implies taking into account the regional scheme of ecological coherence of territorial climate plans established in the articles 26 and 45 of the project law (article L. 123-1-8) in the Local Urban Plan.
Following this law, one of the pilot actions of the Polis’ WP4 is to integrate the solar terms in the Local Urban Plan of Paris.  This integration depends on a decree, not yet published, which gives the mayor the authority to adapt local laws and to take renewable energies and solar installations into consideration in the Local Urban Plan. Meanwhile, to achieve some steps for the Polis action plan, technical legal and financial surveys are being prepared by the urban planning headquarters to see how the local urban plan can be adapted to meet the requirements of the climate plan.

Solar potential studies

Different approaches
By Elisabeth Kjellsson / University of LUND

ste blandineSolar potential studies are ongoing in the POLIS-cities with different approaches.
The so far most developed is Vitoria-Gasteiz, where the methodology using existing GIS-data has been developed and tested in one district. Lisbon’s evaluation of the city’s built patrimony solar potential is developed at the parish level following the simplified methodology established in IEA-PVPS Task 7. Paris is developing a tool that can calculate the solar potential of the entire city, using a GIS model. Lyon is aiming for an interactive website showing the solar potential of the district of Sainte Blandine and where each inhabitant can check the information of his building. In Germany, these kind of studies have been developed in several cities and the inhabitants can check on local websites the solar potential of their own buildings.

Urban planning

Lyon conurbation and Munich's experiences
By Ellen Willdbrett / ALE69 and Sigrid Lindner / Ecofys

bronRealizing changes in urban planning processes takes above all comprehensive information activities for all relevant stakeholders involved in the process to take concrete steps forward. A success factor is the integration of solar urban aspects into already existing instruments of the planning process. This means to analyze the current practice for its integration potential.
For instance the Pilot Action of the City of Lyon is integrated in a solar planning scenario for the « Bron Teraillon » urban area. As a first step several programs have been analyzed and work was done on the optimization of solar gains of the scenario presented by the urban planners for this area. The pilot project in Munich also refers to the development of a new area of over 2500 residential units and service buildings. Concrete planning requirements will be created for the “Bayernkaserne” as background of the urban planning competition, aiming at the optimization of the urban structure.




22-25 September, Augsburg, Germany
International energy trade fair RENEXPO
RENEXPO® (Renewable ENergy EXPOsition) is an energy trade fair in Europe. It covers the entire spectrum of regenerative and decentralized energy production, intelligent energy distribution as well as the efficient use of energy.
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5-9 October, Paris, France
4th edition of the Parisian days of Energy and Climate and the 1st results of Actors of Sustainable Paris
Five days to discuss, exchange, understand, learn how to tackle climate change.
Two days about Covenant of Mayor and how to create an energy city platform for the future.
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5-6 October, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Frankfurt’s Energy Efficiency Exhibition 2011
The Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry opens its doors to professionals from all business sectors at the 4th Energy Efficiency Exhibition from Oct 5-6th 2011. The exhibition’s hosts expect 1,500 German and international visitors to gain information and contacts on the issue of energy efficiency in their companies, municipalities and real estate.
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12-14 October, Larnaca, Cyprus
4th International Conference Solar Air-Conditioning
Conference focus on development of technologies, know-how transfer, identification of R&D needs and exchange of results and ideas.
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27-28 October, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
freiburgLocal Renewables Freiburg 2011
The fourth conference of the Local Renewables series will focus on “Green Buildings and the Future of Sustainable Urban Development”. The conference will look at the evolving role of renewable energy in sustainable buildings, both from a technological and city development point of view.
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3-5 November, Paris, France
World Town Planning Days
The World Town Planning Days (Journées Mondiales de l’Urbanisme) will be held from the 3rd untill the 5the of November in Paris and will focus on the transition of towns to a future energy era.
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focus on one city

By Joana Fernandes / Lisboa ENova

lisbonWithin its participation in POLIS, Lisbon defined a Solar Action Plan aimed at evaluating the city’s potential to adopt solar technologies and with this basis set a strategy to foster the deployment of solar technologies at the urban scale.

One of the actions performed was the evaluation of the solar potential of municipal service buildings. This evaluation aimed at analyzing some of the Municipality’s built patrimony and publically display its’ interest in studying partnership models with investors and other market actors to invest in solar technologies. From the more than 250 evaluated buildings, 18 were actually visited and a detailed assessment developed for 7 buildings that presented the capacity to receive solar PV systems. A total capacity of more than 250kWp was identified and detailed investment models assessed.

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