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Skåne Energy Agency

Solar City Malmö is a project at the Skåne Energy Agency within the Skåne Association of Local Authorities. The Skåne Energy Agency is an independent, regional organisation located in the south of Sweden. The agency provides the public, municipalities and the business sector with energy services with the aim to increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energy.

The Skåne Energy Agency website is www.ek-skane.se.

LUND Univesrsity

LUND UNIVERSITY (ULUND), SWEDEN - Lund University, founded in 1666, is Scandinavia’s largest institution for education and research. It has more than 40,000 students and 1 400 courses covering all disciplines. Building Physics Department is a part of the faculty of Engineering (LTH) and the research and education areas include energy efficiency and environmental impact of buildings as well as implementation of solar energy in buildings.


Elisabeth Kjellsson
Buildings Physics
Lund University
P.O.Box 118
221 00 Lund


Intelligent Energy Europe