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Solar urban planning in POLIS cities

One of the primary targets of the project is to integrate solar aspects in routine urban planning and decision making from the initial stages.

Each participating city will cooperate with its partners in the scheme to develop a Pilot Action at local level. Simultaneously, foundations are created for further steps towards the solar development of each participating city which are described in Solar Action Plans.

Several reports on this subject can be downloaded below:

Conditions and Strategies in POLIS Cities:

An overview of current conditions in POLIS cities is presented in the following report, in terms of urban and building structures, energy supply and consumption, and existing actions and practices regarding solar energy. Although the cities are in different situations regarding solar energy, a common objective is shared, namely, to steer the development of solar energy with respect to urban planning by assessing existing climate strategies and targets at city levels, the evaluation of solar potential in urban areas, the development of solar targets, and the definition of potential measures in diverse planning areas connected to general renewable energy targets. In this sense, the Pilot Actions identified by the municipalities as priority measures for the long-term development of solar energy are also presented.

Long-term Solar Targets of POLIS Cities:

The following report gives an overview of POLIS cities targets related to CO2 emissions reduction and promotion of renewables, with particular emphasis on those specifically related with solar energy (passive and active). These solar targets have been established in Solar Action Plans defined by Local Working Groups composed by municipalities (local urban planning departments and others) and technical partners (universities, consultancies, NGOs and local energy agencies) of POLIS project.

Solar Action Plans in POLIS Cities:

This report presents the solar Action Plans of POLIS developed by Local Working Groups composed by municipalities and technical partners of the project based on information about the existing local background (see report “Conditions and Strategies in POLIS Cities”). They include long-term solar targets that are consistent with existing CO2 mitigation targets, main areas of interest (focus areas), relevant stakeholders for the implementation of solar energy in connection with urban approaches (target groups) and short-term measures to support the upgrade of solar energy and reach the proposed targets.

Fact sheets of Pilot Actions:

Within the solar Action Plans developed by POLIS Cities (see report “Solar Action Plans in POLIS Cities), more than 60 short-term measures have been identified to support the upgrade of solar energy at urban level. Of these, some measures have been identified as priority “Pilot Actions” and will be implemented within POLIS project. In this report a compilation of POLIS Cities Pilot Actions is presented.

Review of one of Pilot Action per city:

This report presents results of pilot actions reviews presenting strong points, points for improvements, what to do differently when replicating and critical local conditions.

POLIS Guidelines

Based on experience gathered during the pilot actions in the cities of Lisbon, Lyon, Malmö, Munich, Paris and Vitoria-Gasteiz, guidelines were developed to support the adaptation of urban planning procedures with the aim of boosting solar energy in other cities and towns. The POLIS partners have identified a total of ten guidelines necessary to implement a coherent planning policy in favour of solar energy. They address how to identify and mobilise the solar potential, optimise solar urban planning processes, and adapt local policies and legislation. Each of the ten guidelines (covering the entire process from data collection to policy development and legislation) will help replicate these successful experiences in other cities, benefitting from the lessons learned in practice.

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