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City Background

The Greater Lyon has committed about energy through the climate plan one of Diary 21 axes. Therefore it has committed to reduce out of 20% the greenhouse gases before 2020 (2000 basis). It is the same commitment for energy consumption. Well, the last commmitment is to increase part of renewable energy to 20% out of total comsumption. Final objectif is to reduce by 4 greenhouse gas emissions before 2050 ". Aware that it cannot deal alone with this major challenge, urban community defined 3 axes of intervention :

- It’s own Activities and patrimonies (buildings and vehicles, public contracts, industrial plants of purification and waste treatment) which represent between 1 to 5 % out of the GHG emitted and it’s also a strong stake for exemplarity .
- public politics or planned by the Urban community (town planning, persons’s moving, social housing, economic development) X impacting on approximately 20 % out of the GHG emitted.
- All other activities (moving of goods and persons, especially in transit, economic activities, construction and management of residential buildings, economic activity, general interest).

That is why development of renewable energies is a strong axe of the Climate Plan. Objectives for 2020 :
-  Setting-up of photovoltaic panels for 5,6 millions of m2 ( large roof first )
-  Setting-up of thermal solar energy panels for 670 000m2

Download the local assessment of the city of Lyon

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"La Confluence" area
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