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Action Plan

The Lyon solar Action Plan comprises four major categories of short-term measures aiming at disseminating knowledge about the solar potential of buildings, making investors in connection with solar, optimising solar energy in urban planning, and involving communities in the development of solar energy. Each category incorporates a number of specific measures, some of which are identified as priority “Pilot Actions”, to be developed within POLIS project :

Disseminating knowledge about the solar potential of buildings :

1. Interactive website with estimated solar potential for all buildings of Grand Lyon : building on the expertise and results of the Sainte Blandine interactive web site, an additional web site will be developed giving all building owners and residents of Grand Lyon access to an estimation of the solar potential of their buildings (2011).
2. (Pilot Action) Interactive website with detailed solar potential for inhabitants of Sainte Blandine district : design and implementation of an interactive website to allow residents and building owners to visualise the solar potential and constraints of the building stock (2009-2011).

Making investors in connection with solar :

3. (Pilot Action) Citizen jointly owned PV systems : development of communication instruments (conferences, workshops, promotional events) to inform citizens of the possibility of investing in jointly owned PV systems on specific appropriate roofs, based on the methodology developed by the European-funded project DeSolaSol. Development of a Guideline for owners to facilitate investments in solar facilities, where different alternatives will be considered. (2010-2011)
4. Development of a Guideline for businesses to facilitate investments in solar facilities, where different alternatives will be considered (investment in companies own buildings, roof rental, co-financing of facilities located in other buildings, cooperative investments, etc.) (2012).
5. Promote local government investments in solar facilities : promotion of existing financial mechanisms and tools to local government, specifically on how to invest and the possibilities of public-private partnerships (2015).
6. Feasibility study on the possibilities of establishing “group buys” by industrial and tertiary building owners to obtain lower investment prices in solar equipment (2015).

Optimising solar energy in urban planning :

7. (Pilot Action) Solar Urban Planning scenario for a new development area : development of criteria to incorporate solar requirements the local urban planning documents of a trial area within the Grand Lyon, with the objective of demonstrating viable planning practices that take into consideration solar energy constraints (2011).
8. Lead a solar study for urban planning during a restructuration district. 9. Integrating Solar into Urban Planning documents of new development areas : development of urban planning guidelines with solar requirements and modification of Grand Lyon New Housing Guidelines to incorporate mandatory solar targets (2012).
10. Training urban planning actors : information and training to urban planners working in the private or public sectors, so that they can appropriate the requirements and constraints of solar planning and integrate them into their daily work (2012-2013).

Involving communities in the development of solar energy :

11. Compulsory objectives for renewable energies (Greater Lyon referential) for instruction of building permits.
12. Grand Lyon Solar Plan : development of a Solar Plan for integrating PV and solar thermal installations into buildings owned by Grand Lyon, to demonstrate the importance of solar energies and their place in the Grand Lyon Climate Action Plan (2015).
13. Participation in the current public and private thinking concerning the creation of a real integrated industrial network, from Silicon production to the maintenance of installations.
14. Study of the regulation and tax tools available to the communities in order to encourage private investment.

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