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Action Plan

Within Malmö solar Action Plan the following long-term targets have been set :

- Identification of measurable targets for active solar systems (PV and solar thermal) for the whole city area in 2012 for new and existing buildings.
- Introduction of solar energy requirements in the urban planning process in 2012 by using the new Environmental Program, Energy Strategy and - Environmental Building Program South.
- Exploitation and purchase agreements are developed with respect to solar energy requirements and are used in special areas from 2011.

Solar photovoltaic installation in Mellanhed School (Source : Anders Ekström)

Main areas of intervention identified to promote the uptake of solar urban planning are new and existing areas in order to have an important impact on the number of installed solar energy plants in Malmö. Solar energy requirements need to be introduced early in the planning processes of these areas.

Relevant stakeholders of concern for the implementation of solar energy in connection with urban approaches are construction companies, municipal departments (including architects, planners and municipal building department), politicians and small as well as large scale private property owners.

In the short-term, 8 measures have been indentified, 3 of which will be implemented as “Pilot Actions” within POLIS project :

1. (Pilot Action) Setting solar energy requirements in the Local Urban Plan of Sege Park area (2010-2012).
2. (Pilot Action) Development of solar energy requirements in exploitation and purchase agreements for developers building on city-owned land (2011-2012).
3. (Pilot Action) Development of a methodology to identify the realistic solar potential of urban areas, and application to the Sege Park area (2010-2011).
4. Training in solar energy and city planning for architects and city planners, from basic knowledge about solar energy technologies to the possibilities of using local plans and strategic tools to improve the number of solar energy installations (2011-2012).
5. Development of guidelines to support solar energy planning that will be integrated in the new Energy Strategy and connected to the Environmental program and Environmental Building Program South (2010-2011).
6. Assessment of the realistic potential of other areas of the city of Malmö (2011-2012).
7. New PV and solar thermal installations on public buildings, so that the City of Malmö will continue as a role model for other stakeholders in the use of solar energy (2009-2012).
8. Dissemination activities (meetings, seminars and workshops) by Skåne Energy Agency about solar energy and planning within the whole region for urban planning departments, environment departments, real estate offices, other municipal departments, together with politicians, investors, and large property and utilities owners (2009-2012).

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