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City background

The City of Malmö aims to be a world-leading climate city. Broad-based efforts cover traffic, energy and city planning, and also consumption, education and lifestyles.

The local Energy plan from year 2000 is now being revised, and a new plan is going to be approved by the City Council in December 2009. This information will therefore be supplemented after the approval of the new plan. Glancing at the draft of the new energy strategy, the long term vision seems to be to have the energy system in Malmö supplied exclusively by renewable energy sources by the year 2030. To reach the vision, an important milestone is to reduce energy use by at least 20 % per capita by the year 2020, compared to the average use between 2001 and 2005, and to have at least 50 % if the general energy mix from renewable energy sources. The City of Malmö itself will serve as a good example and has higher ambitions. The energy use in municipal departments and companies will, during the same period, reduce energy use by at least 30 % and use 100 % renewable energy.

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