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City background

The Covenant of Mayors (2008) commits the signatory cities to exceed the european energy objectives, which are to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020. With its Climate Protection Plan, the city of Paris starts a factor 4 approach targetting a reduction by 75% of green house gases produced by his own activities and from parisian territory in 2050 compared to 2004.

Concerning all the parisian territory, the objective is to reach in 2020 a 25% reduction of greenhouse gases ang energy consumption and to reach 25% of renewable energies in the energy consumption , exceedind the european objectives.

Thus the development of renewable energy is a major strand of the Climate Plan of Paris to reduce the carbon footprint of the territory. One of the main actions is the creation of 200 000 sqm of solar panels in Paris by 2014, in addition to the study on the potential of renewable energies in Paris launched in October 2009.

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