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Action Plan

Within Paris solar Action Plan the following long-term targets have been defined :
- Detailed assessment of the solar thermal and PV potential of the whole city building stock by 2012, combining the results of ongoing studies about renewable energies potential and feasibility studies regarding solar energy on municipal public and private properties in an interactive map for professionals and citizens.
- Installation of 200 000 m2 of solar panels in Paris by 2014 to reduce the Parisian carbon footprint
- Definition of realistic targets for 2020 for solar technologies (solar thermal and photovoltaic) in the whole city area by 2012, based on the feasibility studies about renewables and specifically solar technologies and the assessment of solar potential of the city building stock.
- Set of requirements for solar energy is integrated in the local Urban Planning Plan by 2013, thus anticipating the opportunity opened by the new Environmental Law.

Main areas of intervention identified to promote the uptake of solar urban planning are : municipal publich facilities (3000 municipal buildings), private properties (local housing owners and private housing stock owners), urban renewable areas (ZAC – urban development zones and eco-friendly neighbourhoods) and the social housing park (220 000 flats).

Relevant stakeholders of concern for the implementation of solar energy in connection with urban approaches are :
- Public and private buildings owners ;
- Public Works, Urban planning and Social housing Headquarters ; Politicians ;
- Public-private joint ventures dedicated to the renewable energies development (e.g.,SEM energies) ;
- ADEME (French National Agency for Energy savings and Environment) ; ARENE Ile-de-France (Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies) ;
- The Caisse des Dépôts group (public group serving general interest and economic development) ;
- Investors and banks ;
- Architects and urban planners.

The Paris solar Action Plan comprises three main stages, diagnosis, mobilization of solar potential and communication, according to a dynamic approach where revisions and annual updates are expected. Several short-term measures have been already identified, including 3 specific priorities to be implemented as “Pilot Actions” within POLIS :

Identification :
1. (Pilot Action) Precise identification of solar potential and modelling tool (2010-2012). A modelling tool will be developed to indentify the technical solar potental (PV + thermal) of the city’s complete building stock ; an interactive internet-based map will be realized with the results, initially for professional stakeholders and later on for all Parisian citizens.
2. (Pilot Action) Development of a monitoring tool to improve knowledge about the existing solar equipments (PV + thermal) and follow the installation of new ones on territory (2010-2011). The tool will be used by the future Parisian Climate Protection Agency to collect and monitor solar facilities and adapt future actions in favour of solar development.
Mobilization of solar potential :
3. (Pilot Action) Setting of requirements in local plans (2010-2012), aiming at removing current barriers for the realisation of solar developments in the city of Paris and identifying possibilities of including solar requirements in urban planning documents.
4. Urban renewal and restructuring : assessment of existing buildings (for example, warehouses) in order to incorporate solar PV facilities while preserving as much as possible their architectural characteristics.
5. Creation of a public-private joint venture dedicated to the renewable energies development, SEM énergie, aiming at facilitating the realisation of solar facilities (including cost reductions) and developing “energy services” activities related to energy efficiency improvements of buildings (energy performance contracts in schools, co-properties, social housing, service sector, etc).
6. Public participation models for PV installations : establishment of a citizens investment fund por private persons willing to generate PV electricity that would buy shares in a collective facility or invest in a fund specifically dedicated to PV.
7. Development aid for professionals of the solar energy sector in Paris, integrated in the activities carried out by the Paris Development (economic development agency created at the initiative of the City of Paris and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris) in order to share expertise with companies having implementation projects in Paris and/or holders of innovative projects.
8. Mobilisation of PV potential on best suited roofs according to the results of previous short-term measures (Precise identification of solar potential of Paris building stock) : feasibility studies and implementation plan (2010).
9. Solar thermal systems for heating swimming pools : feasibility study to assess the possibility of installing solar thermal systems for the 38 existing swimming pools in Paris.
10. Integration of solar energy in historical districts. Paris has almost 6000 buildings falling under some kind of protection (as monuments or as interesting buildings), as well as “Enhance and Protection Plans” that require the opinion of the National Architects Order for any type of work. Current revision of the applicable regulations for those plans and the development of specific guidelines for historic districts and protected buildings could help erase difficulties in integrating solar facilities in those locations.
11. Experimentation with innovative roofs combining green elements with solar technologies, demonstrating the compatibility of vegetation and solar facilities.

Communication :
12. Implementation of solar campaigns to inform citizens about integration of solar technologies at urban level : building permits, guidelines, eligible solar equipment and installers, available aids, procedures, etc. Also, organisation of awareness-raising events such as conferences, public information evenings or any other type of events on solar energy.

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